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Frequently asked questions for reviewers

Q: "Is there a fee to use this website?"

A: No, not for people placing reviews.

Q: "Who are you?"

A: We are a group of individual that do not practice medicine that came together and made a company that we felt would be better for transparency between the client and practitioner.

Q: "Why has this site be created?"

A: In general people feel grateful to receive medical care, yet sometimes a few have opinions that they wish to express, yet are scared of the recourse -whatever it maybe.

Q: "Who can rate?"

A: The domain we use is very specific, we use the word “my” implying that the professional that you are rating is YOUR provider, you shall only provide first-hand knowledge based on your experience. Do NOT rate your doctor more than ONCE it could result in having ALL your ratings being removed.

Q: "My comments were removed. What comments are considered cause for removal?"

A: Comments should be about your personal outcome and/or customer-service related issues. New ratings are reviewed, and we reserve the right to remove comments or an entire rating; if we feel that it does not serve the public any purpose.

Q: "Why is my Doctor not listed?"

A: Your Doctors information has not been submitted, there are over two million people with the title of Doctor, be the first to rate your Doctor by listing them and providing your feedback.

Q: "I see a message that says "SYSTEM: duplicate or disallowed ratings automatically removed." What does that mean?"

A: There is a review with the information that you are providing, duplicates are not allowed.

Q: "How soon are my ratings posted?"

A: Instantly; yet our automated spam filters will sometimes hide your written comments until a person checks it, but the numerical ratings are still displayed immediately.