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Information for professionals

Q: “Why should I join Rate My Medical Doctor?”
A: The answer is simple; we save you time and money. Joining Rate My Medical Doctor means that we will do all the time consuming, and expensive work to establish your profile online, you do not have to worry about making a personal website, or hiring an SEO optimizer. It is still highly recommended that you designate a person to manage your profile with one of the fee-for-service plans, thus assuring information is correct.
Current TRENDS:
• Self-diagnosing is a rapidly growing trend, and more people are searching their symptoms on the net before their visit and then question the service provider on their prognosis, dia treatment.
• 100 Billion searches every month, 1 in 20 searches are health related.
• Google states that YouTube has more than 8 Billion health-related searches online.
• 4 in 5 (80%) of North Americans are looking for new ways to live a healthier life.
• Gallup Poll cited Health as a top 5 main concern.

Q: “Can Rate My Medical Doctor help grow my practice?”
A: Your practice is dependent on you, yet we can help increase in the growth of your practice significantly by aggressive exposure, this is done when you create a profile with our fee-for-service plans. With our fee-for-service plans we will rotate your profile in banner ads that appear in a variety of places including on search result pages and your competitors’ business pages.
Also, consider these facts:
• 89% of patients Google their health care provider before their appointment.
• We increase your positive image online, assisting your chances in being selected.
• More than 80% of patients are using the net to determine whom they will use.
• With our fee-for-service plans, you are enabled to maintain an online profile with certain features, allowing an increased chance for positive exposure.
• 60% of people use mobile search when choosing a hospital/treatment center, and 86% of these individuals say that their search on mobile was influential in picking hospital/treatment center.
• We are functional on all mobile devices, allowing your practice and your services to be discovered all the time.

The current expectations of Health Consumers:
a) Health consumers want to be informed and “in the know,”
b) Health consumers want things now,
c) Health consumers want to feel empowered,
d) health consumers want an easy experience.

Q: “Can I try Rate My Medical Doctor without any obligation?”
A: Absolutely yes -we offer a free plan, which has no obligations, it’s an excellent way to promote your practice. You can use our free plan for as long as you like or upgrade to one of our paid plans at anytime.

Q: “Do you offer any discounted plans?”
A: Yes! We offer highly reduced rates with our clinic and firm packages, and when you signup for an annual plan you will save an addition 15%*.

Q: “What currency are the prices in?”
A: All prices shown are in USD .

Q: “Do you charge a setup fee?”
A: No, we do not charge any setup fees on any of our plans, at anytime.

Q: “How do I change to a different plan?”
A: You can change plans at any time through the billing section in your account settings. If you are changing plans before your billing cycle, your next invoice will contain either an additional charge (if upgrading) or credit (if downgrading) based on the pro-rated amount of the new plan.

Q: “Can I cancel my Fee-For-Service Plans at any time?”
A: Yes, If you ever decide that Rate My Medical Doctor isn’t the best platform for growing your practice, simply cancel your account in the billing section within your account settings. You will not be billed for the next month as long as you cancel before your next billing date. Please be aware, that your profile will remain on the site as a free plan, allowing people to engage it for reviews.

Q: “How does the Ratings Manager feature work?”
A: You will be able to showcase a good rating when you appear on our top 10 lists. You will also be enabled to hide up to three ratings on your profile per month, yet that rating will still be calculated in your overall star rating.

Q: “What is my commitment with the Promoted and Promoted Plus plans?”
A: Paid plan subscribers must agree to fee-for-service Terms of Use.